Today's Governor-General's Curling Club
In 1967 with the consent and encouragement of Governor-General Roland Michener , the membership of the Governor-General's Curling Club was increased to a maximum of 100 with representation from across Canada. In 1972 a constitution was written and approved by Governor-General Michener which added a new category of 25 emeritus members.  

Since that time the main focus of the Club has been to recognize those who have made a significant contribution to curling, whether it be locally, provincially or nationally, not only as competitive curlers, but also as builders and administrators. Some of its members are legends of the game. One of its objectives is to promote the growth of curling in Canada and preserve its history. A recent initiative, in cooperation with the Canadian Curling Association, will see members sharing their knowledge of the history of curling at an exhibit at the 2010 Brier in London, Ontario.  
The men and women of today's Club come from all walks of life and are proud to belong to this honourary Curling Club. The Club has no premises of its own and is supported only by Club events and donations, but members do from time to time compete in various competitions and bonspiels. The Club's crested red blazers are a familiar sight at curling events everywhere, including national and international championships.