Governor General's Curling Club

This letter marks the first-year anniversary of the Governor General’s installation and aims to raise public awareness of her mandate priorities. We encourage you to share this letter with your members in the manner you deem most appropriate.


Duncan Mousseau, Director
Policy, Planning and Editorial Services

Le 20 juillet 2022


Dans l’esprit de coopération qui anime nos deux organisations, le Bureau du secrétaire du gouverneur général a le plaisir de partager avec vous la Lettre de la gouverneure générale aux Canadiens et Canadiennes, publiée sur notre site Web

 Cette lettre marque le premier anniversaire de l’installation de la gouverneure générale, et vise à sensibiliser le public aux priorités de son mandat. Nous vous encourageons à la diffuser auprès de vos membres de la façon qui vous semble la plus appropriée.

Veuillez agréer mes salutations distinguées.

Duncan Mousseau, Directeur
 Politique, Planification et Services de rédaction et de révision
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A Brief History


The Vice-Regal Curling Club was founded by Lord Dufferin in 1874. He built a covered curling rink so that he and his staff could play the "roarin' game", and established the Governor General's Trophy competition that is still played today. In 1910 the Vice-Regal Curling Club was renamed the Governor General's Curling Club, and a number of prominent curlers in the Ottawa area were invited to become members. Since that time, the focus of the Club has been to recognize Canadians who have made a significant contribution to curling locally, provincially or nationally, not only as competitive curlers, but also as builders and administrators. The men and women of today's Club come from all walks of life and are proud to be honoured by membership in this historic organization.