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Governor General's Curling Club LogoA Brief History of the Governor General's Curling Club

The Vice-Regal Curling Club was founded by Lord Dufferin in 1874. He built a covered curling rink so that he and his staff could play the "roarin' game", and established the Governor General's Trophy competition that is still played today. In 1910 the Vice-Regal Curling Club was renamed the Governor General's Curling Club, and a number of prominent curlers in the Ottawa area were invited to become members. Since that time, the focus of the Club has been to recognize Canadians who have made a significant contribution to curling locally, provincially or nationally, not only as competitive curlers, but also as builders and administrators. The men and women of today's Club come from all walks of life and are proud to be honoured by membership in this historic organization.


exec committee 2019 20 sm

Executive Committee of the Governor General's Curling Club 2020-2021
Ian MacDonald, Wil Thurlow, François Vary, Pat Reid, Graham Harris, Barry Worth, Warren Hansen, Ken Thompson
(not pictured Bonnie Morris and Wally Morris)

In 2021, the Governor General’s Curling Club will present a $2,500 scholarship, financially supported by donations from its membership, through Curling Canada.

"The Governor General's Curling Club has, as its membership, those who have served our sport with accomplishment and distinction locally, provincially and nationally," said Governor General's Curling Club President Mrs. Pat B. Reid. "Just as our efforts have helped our sport grow over an extended time, equally the sport of Curling has profoundly enriched the lives of our members. It is thus our Members' pleasure and privilege to sponsor a curling scholarship for a young talented, aspiring student-athlete, to support the development of his/her educational and curling goals and to promote the next generation of leadership for our sport."